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"The "742 Club" was started in honor of a young lady in Thailand by the name of Earth (english translation). Earth is paralyzed from the chest down and lives at a hospital in Chaing Mai.
On our December trip to Thailand Earth heard about the ministry in Mongolia.
Afterwards before we left Chiang Mai she came to Bro. Tommy and gave him 300 baht (US $7.42) for the children in Mongolia. In honor of Earth the "742 Club" was established. We are looking for concerned Christians who will commit $7.42 a month to the children in Thailand.
You will receive a certificate declaring your membership if you so desire one.
This may be something that you would do in your children's name or maybe your grandchildren. The certificate will be made out in their name. It could be something a Sunday school class could get involved in.
We have 500 children waiting to come into the new children's home, ten people joining the 742 Club would support one child's needs for a month." (from the Harbor Evangelism International Inc. website)


Mitch Tillman ~April 2004 Prayerletter 

Dear Friends in Christ;

We pray this report finds you in Gods will and that he is blessing you. For this entire month I will be in the states doing deputation and attending my son, Cint's wedding. He will be married on the 24th of April in Birmingham, Al. We pray that he and his wife will always put God first in everything that they do. After the wedding I will return to Mongolia.

My wife, Baljmaa, stayed in Mongolia to continue work there . Spring is coming to Mongolia and she is in the Gobi at the children's center and hospital working at the Church and with the children. We are having a well dug in the Gobi and she also has to oversee the work.

With the warm weather we also have started the building of the new church building in the city. Our pastor is in Ulaanbaatar helping build the church with the other members. There is a lot going on there, so I am excited about returning and helping to finish the work.

When Baljmaa is in the Gobi I can not communicate with her. There is no phone or e-mail in the village. We ask that you pray for her as see teaches our children about the Lord and his grace.

I have atached photos of our children's church in Ulaanbaatar, and in the Gobi. Please pray for these ministries. God Bles all of you and thank you for all of your prayers and your continued support. With out you this would not be possible.


In Christ,
Mitch Tillman


$70.00 per month per child to feed, house, clothe, educate, and provider medical care.


Please, pray for these ministries and see if God would lay it upon your heart to help in any way!

You may write to: Harbor Evangelism International Inc.,  P.O. Box 93 ~ Bay St Louis, MS. 39520; or call Office: 228-467-6511

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