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Please, pray for these ministries and see if God would lay it upon your heart to help in any way!


Tommy Tillman ~ April 2004 Prayerletter 

Dear Loved Ones in Christ,

I returned home from the field to have some more stents placed into my heart arteries. I now have elven and will have more in a few days. I will still keep on going untill I cannot go or the Lord returns first. Please continue to pray for me and my health and this ministry.

The Lord continues to bless in Thailand and souls are being saved. My helper and co-worker, Brother Wisut Arpaprasitt, preached in one of the largest prisons in Thailand and approximately five hundred prisoners stood up to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. Praise the Lord for this. We do not know, nor anyone knows, how many of these were sincere, but if just one was, it is worth it all.

In Mongolia at the woman's prison there was 21 accepted the Lord Jesus as Savior. The Lord
continues to bless there and we thank Him for doing it all.

It is getting spring time in Mongolia now and work on the church building will start again. They do no construction work in the winter time because of extreme cold weather.

we now have 39 children at the children's home in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. There is no limit as to how many we could have if we had the money to feed and clothe them. For every $50.00 dolloars we receive in support we can bring in another child in the Gobi Desert or another leper at the leper clolony in Thailand.

May the Lord continue to bless you wonderful friends and thank you with all our hearts for the prayer and financial support. You are greatly needed and appreciated.

In Christian love and many thanks

Tonmmy Tillman

You may write to: Harbor Evangelism International Inc.,  P.O. Box 93 ~ Bay St Louis, MS. 39520; or call Office: 228-467-6511





Lardprao Baptist Church, Bangkok (1983) Pastor Jesda Phrakarun
This church averages over 50 and is self supporting. Pray that God would give Pastor Jesda wisdom and power in leading this church.

Mae Sot Baptist Church (1985) Pastor Joseph Shwe
Started by BIMI missionary Ken Ingalls, this church averages 60. This is a Burmese church with a Burmese pastor. They have a Christian school with 36 students. Pray for Pastor Joseph as he leads this good church and also as he wants to see the Gospel preached in his own country.

Nakhorn Phanom Baptist Church (1991) Pastor Pradit Eksapang
This church averages 90 on Sundays. Pray for Pastor Pradit that this church will experience God's power and growth.

Chiang Rai Baptist Church (1994) Pastor Pope Srichai
The average attendance of this church on Sunday is 90. Pray that God would give Pastor Pope Srichai wisdom in leading this church.

Korat Baptist Church (1996) Pastor Santisuk Pawsawaan
Visit their web site located at: This church averages 30 on Sundays. Pray that God would bless this work.

Don Muang Baptist Church, Bangkok (1996) Pastor Alonggot Jomhong
This church averages 50 on Sundays and is self supporting. They have recently begun a bus ministry. Pray that God would give Pastor Allongot wisdom and power in leading this church.

Nakhorn Sri Tammarat Baptist Church (1998) Pastor Suphon Krytin
Pastor Suphon has rented a building in the city center. Pray that God would bless this young church.

Tak Baptist Church (2001) Pastor Choosak Jantima
This church started in March, 2001. Pray for Pastor Choosak and his wife as they begin their ministry.

Late Inn Baptist Church, Myanmar (2001) Pastor Than Htike
Pastor Than was trained by Pastor Joseph and has now gone to start a church in Pastor Joseph's hometown in Myanmar. Pray for God's blessings on this new church.

Surat Thanii Baptist Church (2002) Pastor Chatchai Purirasamii
Surat Thanii is located in southern Thailand, just north of Nakhorn Sri Tammarat. For several years Pastor Suphon of the Nakhorn Sri Tammarat Baptist Church has been visiting and winning souls in Surat Thanii. Pray for Pastor Chatchai as he leads this new group of believers and that God would bless this new church.

King James Baptist Church, Bangkok (2002) Pastor Wirakun
Pastor Wirakun, a graduate of the Bible Institute of the Chiang Rai Baptist Church, has started a new church in Bangkok. Thoo, the oldest son of Pastor Pradit in Nakhorn Phanom, will be the song leader at this new church. Pray for Brother Wirakun as he begins this work.

Victory Baptist Church, Bangkok (2002) Pastor Sakrapii Jomhong
This church meets in the home of Pastor Sakrapii's brother, Mr. Pitak. They started with four families. Pray that God would grant wisdom and power to this church. 

Maurice (9/22), Nena (4/8), Robert Seth (9/19), Rina Suenelle (11/19)


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