The Roots Of the King James Bible Only Believers 

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. (2 Peter 2:1-3)

We have seen as we continually update our article "Unholy 'Ghost' Society" , the false, unlearned statements of Dr. Robert L. Sumner in his article "Were Westcott & Hort Members of a Ghost Society?" as he attacks the King James Bible believers and their Bible. We shall see in this article yet another  false, unlearned King James Bible attacker name Dr. Doug Kutilek make false statements in his articles, ""Roots" of the KJV Controversy The Unlearned Men: The True Genealogy and Genesis of King-James- Version- Onlyism" and The TRUE Genealogy & Genesis of "KJV - Onlyism" The Bloodline of History as he too attacks the King James Bible believers and their Bible. 

We are told by Dr. Doug Kutilek, "From Wilkinson in the first generation, through Ray in the second, and Fuller and Ruckman in the third, the entire KJV-Only movement has arisen...Every KJV-Only advocate is a lineal descendant of Wilkinson, Ray, Fuller and Ruckman,"

Dr. Doug Kutilek statement is very interesting. The "first generation" of the "KJV-Only movement" we are told is Benjamin G. Wilkinson.  The one who in "1930, wrote Our Authorized Bible Vindicated and placed the seed into the ground for the  "KJV-Only movement". So, we are led to believe that no one before 1930 believe the English Bible was the King James Bible Only. This would explain his association with Dr. Robert L. Sumner!


The Geneva Bible

Elizabeth I, who became Queen of England after the death of her half-sister in 1558, was a staunch advocate of the right of divine rule. Thoroughly dissatisfied with the marginal notes in the Geneva Bible, she refused to allow it to be used in the churches. At this time the approved Bible for ecclesiastical use was the Great Bible of 1539. Elizabeth ordered her Bishops to do a revision of the Great Bible that was completed in 1568. This revision was known as the Bishops' Bible because eight of the Queen's Bishops participated in the work. The Bishops' Bible received the royal sanction as the official bible of the English Church.


The Bishops' Bible

However, this new edition failed to achieve popular acceptance. The Bishops' Bible was inferior to the Geneva Bible both in scholarship and linguistic eloquence. This difference in excellence was reflected by its lack of popularity. Within a few years, the Geneva Bible had gone through eighty editions while the Bishops' Bible struggled to attain to eighteen editions.

This was the situation in 1603 when James VI of Scotland became the King of England. There was two conflicting English Bibles being used in English Church. The Puritan Party in the English Church saw an opportunity to win the favor of the new monarch. They asked for a conference to be held with the king to discuss the ecclesiastical situation. It took place in 1604 at Hampton Court Palace in London.

The one petition of the Puritans that James granted was that a new translation of the English Bible be undertaken to settle the differences between the Geneva and the Bishops' Bibles.


 page_110_111.jpg (500408 bytes)

The actual scanned pages 110, and 111 of  A General View Of The History Of The English Bible, by B. F. Westcott, 1872, 2nd Edition


If you click on the above thumbnail, you will read that B. F. Westcott wrote, "There were, as we have seen, during the latter part of Elizabeth's reign two rival English Bibles..."  These were the Bishops' and the Geneva English Bibles. B. F. Westcott adds, "This rivalry was in every way undesirable..."there would be no end of translating."" To bring a end to this rivalry and endless translating of English Bibles, B. F. Westcott writes in quoting Dr. Reynolds, "Whereupon his Highness wished some special pains should be taken in that behalf for one uniform translation."  Do you know what that "one uniform translation" to end the conflict and endless English translating was called? 


page 122 123.jpg (519174 bytes)

The actual scanned pages 122, and 123 of  A General View Of The History Of The English Bible, by B. F. Westcott, 1872, 2nd Edition

 Dr. Doug Kutilek tells us that, "Every KJV-Only advocate is a lineal descendant of Wilkinson, Ray, Fuller and Ruckman." Benjamin G. Wilkinson being the one who in "1930, wrote Our Authorized Bible Vindicated, and thereby become the father of the King James Bible Only movement. Before 1930, we are led to believe that the English Bible believers used more than one English translation of the Bible.  

In direct contradiction to Dr. Doug Kutilek,  B. F. Westcott writes on page 123 in 1872, "In the Scotch Canons of 1636 it is said still more distinctly that 'the Bible shall be of the translation of King James' (Cap. 16, 1). Similar provisions are, I believe, contained in the Vistation Articles of London 1612, and Norwich 1619." Thus, we find according to B. F. Westcott, over 300 years before the so-called father of the King James Bible Only movement, statements of faith that they will only study and preach from the King James. 

How is it that we are told by Westcott, in direct contradiction to Dr. Doug Kutilek, that "one uniform translation." of the English Bible was to be translated to put a end to " rival English Bibles" and what seemed to be  "no end of translating" English version of the Bible ? Perhaps, once again; those who would attack the word Of God for the English people, the King James Bible, should spend  more time on this subject!!! But, this should be no surprise, seeing that Dr. Doug Kutilek and Dr. Robert L. Sumner are associates. 


Notes on Dr. Scott's Bible and politics. By Rev. W. C. Anderson, D. D., pastor of the First Presbyterian church, of San Francisco ...Publication date: 1859, by Anderson, W. C., page 7

Notice in the above, that we find a man in a book published in 1859, a far cry from 1930; saying that "God had given him a rule by which he might secure that end, and having finished the evidence for the genuineness, authenticity, and, indeed, Divine authority of the sacred Scriptures, and having found them to be, not merely "King James' Bible," "a sectarian book," "gotten up for an avowedly sectarian purpose," as Dr. Scott says, but the very word of the Living God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice" The King James Bible is "the only infallible rule of faith", how dare he make such a statement a full 71 years before Our Authorized Bible Vindicated.

Since 1831 the Trinitarian Bible Society has been engaged in the publication and distribution of faithful and trustworthy versions of the Holy Scriptures in many languages throughout the world. The Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) was formed in 1831 from a conflict within the British and Foreign Bible Society over the doctrine of the Trinity and the deity of Jesus Christ. From the beginning, the TBS made a commitment to circulate only the Authorized Version in English. “They did not accept the so-called ‘Improved Version’ or the ‘most correct text’ upon which it was based, and they did not allow the Committee any latitude to circulate along with the Authorised Version such other English versions as the Committee might approve from time to time” (Holding Fast the Faithful Word, p. 6). Thus, they were KJV Only almost 100 years before Benjamin G. Wilkinson and his book, Our Authorized Bible Vindicated!  So, Dr. Doug Kutilek, How can every KJV-Only advocate be a lineal descendant of Wilkinson, Ray, Fuller and Ruckman ?

Since 1892  The Bible League was founded in 1892 to also " circulate only the Authorized Version in English" rejecting all other English versions. 1892 is still a far cry from 1930.

As we have seen from the above actual scanned pages 122, and 123 of  A General View Of The History Of The English Bible, by B. F. Westcott, 1872, 2nd Edition, that the "KJV -Only Movement" has it roots not with Wilkinson, Ray, Fuller and Ruckman; but with the Hampton Court Conference held in January of 1604.

To be continued...

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