Federal Agents on the Border on Alert

Reported by Marco Gonzalez

9201 West Expressway 83
Harlingen, Texas  78552

JANUARY 28, 2005 - All federal law enforcement agents along the border are on high alert. Sources say the Mexican Gulf Cartel is targeting two FBI agents for execution.

Action 4 News has learned about an internal fax that was sent out by the FBI's San Antonio division.

It warns local agents to take precautions because Mexican drug lords could be hunting them down.

The alert went out Friday warning lawmen of the Gulf Cartel's alleged intentions to kidnap two FBI agents and take them across the border to be executed.

But it's not just FBI agents that were notified.

Action 4 News has learned federal Customs, Border Patrol and INS agents at the Valley ports of entry are also on edge.

A source there says border inspectors will continue to work as usual - they'll just have heightened security measures in place at the bridges.

The U.S. Marshals and DEA agents are also aware of the FBI's fax.

It specifically says that while the FBI is being targeted - for helping Mexico to crack down on drug corruption - other federal agents could easily be mistaken for FBI officers.

It also warns that cartel members have valid visas and passports allowing them legal entry into the United States.

Federal agents are being extremely tight-lipped about the warning fax.

A number of Valley police departments across the Valley also received the email. None would not comment about the warning.