The Croatian Bible Believers  

July & August

Dear Fellow-Laborer,

Greetings to you all from the other side of the world. The work is continuing on in Croatia. We have seen some set backs over the last two months, but we have also seen some great victories.

In our last letter we told you some of the problems we were having in the Gypsy village. These problems have grown and have gotten worst. We were meeting in a manís house in the village, and holding services there. Some of the men in the village threatened this man, and told him if he did not stop the meetings they would burn his house down in the night. He contacted us and ask us not to come for now. He is really scared. We saw many people turn to Christ in this village. For most of them it was the first time that they have ever heard the gospel. I want to ask all of you to pray for this work. The Gypsy people are a mission field within a mission field. I have not given up on them. We just need God to re-open the door for us.

Our Croatian work is going good. We have seen some growth spiritually and numerically. Last Sunday we had the privilege of going down to the lake and baptizing two. We all rejoiced to see these two souls follow the Lord in baptism. One of them is a man named Damir. He was saved 25 years ago in a Baptist church. He wanted to get baptized then, but they would not allow him. The Baptist in Croatia believe that the convert must show them that he is really saved, and then they will baptize him. Damir has been wandering from church to church for 25 years. It was a great joy for me to baptize him last Sunday. Since his baptism he has already brought a visitor to church with him.

Through our soul winning efforts we have seen several come to the Lord. It is not always easy. The people here are tied very strongly to tradition. Because of this we thank God every time a sinner comes to Christ. We then pray for them because of the battles they will face. Not to long ago we had a young lady get saved at our church. She now wants to be baptized, but she is scared that her mother, who is a devout Catholic, will disown her.

Please pray for the work here. We need more workers in this harvest. The door in Croatia is open, yet we are the only Independent Baptist missionaries in the country.

In His service,

Johnny Leslie



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