The Bible 

"We are, it is hardly needful to say, deeply grateful for the works of our non-Jewish predecessors, such as the Authorized Version with its admirable diction, which can never be surpassed" Preface Jewish Publication Society Translation, 1917

"...the style of the (1611) English Version has been creative as well as a creation.  It has entered into the literature and language of the English-speaking race..  To them this vesion brought what they understood to be the direct words of God"  Preface, James Moffatt translation, 1950

"The most important document in the history of the English language is the King James Version of the Bible.  To measure its spiritual impact on the English speaking world would be more impossible than counting the grains of sand along the ocean shore." Preface, Contemporary English Version, 1995

"All these examples can be seen to have doctrinal or theological implications, but they also have one distinct literary implication: that the Authorized Version's translators were artful and, in the best Renaissance sense, witty, contriving to make what they wrote have a variety of meanings. In their view the translator's task was not to assume that there is one clear meaning to which the text should be reduced, but instead to open out the text to include as much as possible... Many modern versions eschew anything which smacks of imagery or metaphor... The loss is measurable not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of meaning. Particularly in the narrative sections of the Bible the Authorized Version emerges from comparison with twentieth-century versions as more attractive and more accurate... At its best, which means often, the Authorized Version has the kind of transparency which makes it possible for the reader to see the original clearly. It lacks the narrow interpretive bias of modern versions, and is the stronger for it... Through its transparency the reader of the Authorized Version not only sees the original but also learns how to read it." Edited by Robert Alter and Frank Kermode, The Literary Guide to the Bible, Harvard University Press, Copyright 1987, p 663-665

"There have been many translations since, yet the King James Version will probably never be matched for majesty of language. For many generations it exerted a greater influence on style and standards of taste than any other single work in English." The New Book of Knowledge, by Grolier Inc.,  vol. 5E, 1993, page 274 

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