British-Arab "Abba" [Dad] dressed up his daughter as a homicide bomber and proudly carried her in street demonstration protesting the Israeli "occupation" of "Palestine. Behind the Jew-killer wannabe is a photo of a recent Israeli victim of another proud Arab papa's self-detonating kid.

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Arab "Abba" in Gaza dressed up his sonny boy as a Hamas Jihadist, complete with a look-alike AK-47. In a few short years, it will be a real one and real Jews will die.

A young child and future jihadist is standing around, his proud Hamas mentors.

A baby Palestinian child, who's parents proudly dress him up as a tiny wannabe terrorist
(uncovered during the IDF operation protective Shield) 

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Ahhha, so cute.

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The Famous "Baby Bomber" Photo

The IDF came across this photo in March of 2002 at Arafat's Ramallah hangout/hideout. The "abba"  whose son was dressed up this way claimed it was just a joke. Some joke!  And since when is murdering Jews all that funny?

The Famous "Baby Bomber" made the Palestinian societies so proud that they even created him his own martyr's epigie, as they do for other "Suicide Homicide" bombers who kill and destroy innocent lives.
The Hamas Website.

FOLLOW-UP: The Palestinian Journalistsí Union is starting to dimly perceive that those photographs of babies in bomb belts and kids waving automatic weapons arenít going over too well with the civilized world. So the union has banned journalists from photographing Palestinian children carrying weapons or taking part in activities by militant groups, saying that the pictures harm the "Palestinian cause."  Even some in the PLO and other terrorist organizations have threatened photographers with death if they would get caught taking any more pictures of such occurrences. 

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate also called on Palestinian factions and their military wings to stop using children in their activities. Children carrying weapons or dressed up as suicide bombers have been frequently seen at rallies and marches in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during nearly two years of Palestinian-Israeli violence. Israel has charged that Palestinians are misusing children as pawns in the conflict.

The syndicate was established in the 1980s in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. There are 167 Palestinian journalists and photographers in the Gaza branch, according to the union. 

In a statement, the Foreign Press Association expressed "deep concern" over the decision by the syndicate and its threats of sanctions against journalists, local and foreign, who disregard the ban. Notice: They didnít say that teaching hatred and violence to children was a violation of their rights. The violation is taking pictures of them learning to kill! Also notice that thereís no debate over the reality of what the photographs show, no screams of "taken out of context!" Theyíve even dropped their accusations of forgery. Now the mere act of showing photographs of Palestinian children, often proudly taken by Palestinians themselves, is spun as "Israeli propaganda."

Oh well. Problem solved. Just hide it all away. 
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